Kennedy Rd Interview with

Kennedy Rd Interview with

Check out the home girl Kennedy Rd  rocking our Fetti Sweater in her latest interview with 

"Let’s talk R&B: and we mean real R&B, not that pop electric sound that labels push to sell records, or the tracks coming from the hottest EDM DJ at your summer pool party in Ibiza. We’re talking that R&B you want to listen to when your heart has been broken on or slowly sliced with the words “let’s be friends.” The type of R&B that creates a wave so massive other genres feel compelled to expose their emotions and vulnerabilities. The type of R&B radio stations don’t typically play, the type of R&B that doesn’t have inhibitions, the type of R&B that acts as a therapist through heartbreaks, friend-zoned text messages, and the “we’ve outgrown each other” blues.

Toronto-based songstress Kennedy Rd knows real R&B—and this euphonious vocalist’s latest single, titled “Day and Night”, has her opening up to fans about wanting something deeper than a casual relationship. Dropping hits over the last six months with a sound that emulates the best of 90s slow jams, she’s serving up honest and insightful lyrics, opening the door to the most intimate of emotions. With lyrics that identify with today’s fast paced relationship woes, we can surely expect to hear more from this hypnotic songstress.

MILK.XYZ got the lowdown on Kennedy Rd’s journey into the music industry, her experiences being a female artist in Toronto, and future project Feelings Cafe; check the full interview here."

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